High Voltage Motor

  • YKK Series Three-Phase Asynchronous Motorr

    YKK Series Three-Phase Asynchronous Motorr

    YKK series medium – sized high – voltage asynchronous motor is the latest product developed by our company.

    The power level, installation size and electrical performance of this series of motors are in line with the national standard gb755-2008 “rating and performance of rotating motors”, the mechanical industry standard JB/ T10315.2 and related IEC standards.

    The basic installation mode of the motor is horizontal belt sole (MB3), and the operating system is continuous operating system (S1).

  • YKS Series Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

    YKS Series Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

    YKS series large high-voltage motor housing protection grade IP44/IP54/IP55, air water cooling, cooling mode of IC81W motor rated voltage is 3kV- 13.8kv frequency is 50Hz(default).YKS series large high voltage motor.Is the company’s latest development of the motor products, the motor has high efficiency, small vibration and other good quality, the motor USES f-class insulation, high reliability of the motor shape adopts box mechanism, beautiful and generous appearance.

  • YRKK  High Voltage Slip Ring Motor

    YRKK High Voltage Slip Ring Motor

    YRKK series medium high voltage wound three-phase asynchronous motors are mainly used to drive various heavy duty mechanical equipment such as metal clipper, crusher, ball mill, compressor, sugar press.Winch, conveyor belt, etc.

    The rated voltage of RKK series high voltage motor is 3kv-13.8kv, rated frequency is 50Hz (default), and the installation size of its power class conforms to the mechanical industry standard JB/T10314.2 and the international electrotechnical commission (IEC) standard.

    RKK series medium-sized high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor, the use of new materials, new technology can meet the requirements of all sorts of use of the environment it is IP44, IP54 protection grade, such as the cooling way for IC611 IC616, motor structure and installation form of IMB3, YRKK series motor with high efficiency, low noise, little vibration, light weight, reliable quality, small starting current, convenient installation and maintenance.

  • Y2 Series Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

    Y2 Series Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

    Y2 series adopts full radiator frame, with high mechanical strength and good rigidity.The motor has high efficiency and good economy.Adopt less rubber insulation system, f-grade insulation, VPI overall impregnation process, the main insulation and the conductor between the insulation has a high impact strength;Strong cast aluminum rotor ensures the reliability of the motor.Fully enclosed design, protection grade IP54/P55;The external fan of the high-speed motor is a one-way fan with low noise and high wind pressure. The motor is not allowed to reverse.