Y2 Series Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

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Y2 series adopts full radiator frame, with high mechanical strength and good rigidity.The motor has high efficiency and good economy.Adopt less rubber insulation system, f-grade insulation, VPI overall impregnation process, the main insulation and the conductor between the insulation has a high impact strength;Strong cast aluminum rotor ensures the reliability of the motor.Fully enclosed design, protection grade IP54/P55;The external fan of the high-speed motor is a one-way fan with low noise and high wind pressure. The motor is not allowed to reverse.

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Y2 series (IP54) high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor (355 ~ 560 mm center high) is the latest design – the new generation of products, the series motor has a beautiful appearance design, high reliability, small volume, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving, etc, the series of the power rating of the motor and installation size, electrical properties are accord with national standard GB755 rotary motor and performance, the international electrotechnical commission IEC standards.

The mechanical dimensions and tolerances of each part of the motor conform to the national standard gb1800-1804 ISO.The enclosure protection grade of the motor is IP54 according to GB4942.1 and iec60034-5 “protection grade of the whole structure of the rotating motor (IP code) classification”, and other protection grades can be produced according to the user’s requirements.

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