YCT Series Electromagnetic Governor Motor

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YCT Series electromagnetic governor motor consists of three phase (or single phase) asynchronous motor, electromagnetic slip clutch and speedin-dicating generator. Through JD or ZTK types of controllers, it can adjust the exciting current of slip clutch and realize stepless regulation of output speed. The product performance and mounting dimension are in conformity with JB/T 7123 rule and IEC international standard. It is widely used in the industries of textile, printing and dyeing,rubber,plastic,sugaring,construction,air blower and so on.

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            YCT Series Electromagnetic Governor Three Phase Asynchronous Motor
1). Power range: 0.55-90KW
2). Frame size: 112-355mm
3). Pole: 4
4). Mounting arrangement B3/B5/B34/B35 or other;
5).Rated Voltage 380V(Three-phase),220V(Single-phase)
6).frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz or customized
7). Protection class: IP21
8). Duty/Rating: S1
9). Cooling method:  IC411 (SELF-FAN cooling);
10). Insulation class: B
11).Exciting coil <=90(DC)

Working Condition: ambient temperature is -15oC to 40oC, and below 1000 meters above sea level

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